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Edgar Rosenberg Travel Grant for majors

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Comparative Literature majors are invited to apply for the Edgar Rosenberg Travel Grant to support language study outside of the US during the 2019 calendar year. Professor Rosenberg was a devoted teacher who was passionate about foreign language study, and has generously provided the Department of Comparative Literature with an endowment that will allow us to award language study grants to undergraduate majors* on an annual basis, beginning this year. Students with an expected graduation date of December 2020 or later are eligible to apply, and may request funding to study any foreign language at any level. The application deadline is March 31.

Please complete the application cover sheet for the Edgar Rosenberg Travel Grant and submit it with your application and faculty support letter. If you have any questions please feel free to send an inquiry to

*Eligibility: you must be a current Comparative Literature major, or plan to complete your major application prior to travel. Comparative Literature majors with an expected graduation date of December 2019 or later are eligible to apply. Language study may be in any foreign language, at any level, but must take place outside the continental United States. Funded language study must take place before the end of 2019.

The Rosenberg Travel Grant Summer 2019 Recipients -

Rin Park for travel to Seoul, Korea this summer to study at the Yonsei International Summer School;

Eliana Rozinov for travel to Vienna, Austria this summer to study at the Institute for the International Education of Students’ Psychology and German Language Program

Geneva Saupe to travel to Amman, Jordan this summer to study at the Qasid Institute’s Summer Arabic Program.

The Rosenberg Travel Grant Winter 2017 and Summer 2018 Recipients -

Troy Sherman for travel to Munich, Germany this past winter session to study at the Goethe Institute’s German Language Program

Wenqing (Wendy) Zhuo for travel to Shanghai, China this summer to study at The Hutong School’s Chinese Mandarin Language Program

Giulia Panter to travel to Israel this summer to study at Tel Aviv University’s Hebrew Ulpan Language Program

Yongyu Chen for travel to Salamanca, Spain, this summer to study at the University of Salamanca’s Spanish Language Program


The Rosenberg Travel Grant Summer 2017 Recipient -

Ivy Deng

" With the Rosenberg Travel Grant, I studied both Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic for eight weeks in Rabat, a charming coastal city and the capital of Morocco. I spent most of my time learning the two languages, while sipping on highly caffeinated Moroccan tea, strolling through open-air markets, and making occasional visits to Roman ruins. As I develop my language skills, I also began to understand Moroccan history and politics, as well as the ongoing struggle with colonial legacies of people in Morocco. This opportunity allowed me to not only study Arabic but also develop cultural competency; both of which are pertinent for my research in comparative literature."
~ Ivy Deng
Summer 2017