Vinh Pham

Graduate Student


Vinh P. Pham is a PhD candidate in the department of Comparative Literature. He holds a BA & MA in Spanish Language and Literature from Florida Atlantic University, as well as a MA in Comparative Literature from Cornell University. His work engages with questions of language and temporality in postcolonial novels from Vietnam and the Philippines. At Cornell, Vinh has taught different levels of Spanish language for the Department of Romance Studies, as well as FWS courses for the Department of Comparative Literature and the Knight Institute. 

Research Focus

19th and 20th century Spanish, Latin American, and Southeast Asian films and novels; trans-pacific literature, post-colonial theory, comparative colonialism, world literature, gender theory, translation theory, intellectual histories. Currently, my work engages with the discursive formations that arose in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century on colonialism and modernity, through the dissemination of reactionary writings by Southeast Asian and Latin American intellectuals such as José Rizal, José Martí, and Pham Duy Khiem.