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Anindita Banerjee

Associate Professor

photo of Anindita Banerjee

Klarman Hall, Room 216


Anindita Banerjee’s research focuses on science fiction and technocultural studies, environmental humanities, media studies, and migration studies across postsocialist and postcolonial spaces (Russia, Siberia, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Latin America). She is a faculty fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, and a member of the South Asia Program, the Visual Studies Program, and the Institute of European Studies. 

Banerjee is the author of We Modern People: Science Fiction and the Making of Russian Modernity (Wesleyan University Press, 2013), which won the Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies book prize from the University of California and was praised in Science magazine, The Times Literary Supplement, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Times Higher Education, Comparative Literature Studies, Science Fiction Studies, Slavic Review, and Isis among many academic and public venues in North America, Europe, and Asia. She is completing a second single-authored book titled The Chernobyl Effect.

In addition to publishing a wide range of articles in academic and public forums, Banerjee has edited scholarly volumes on Russian science fiction literature and cinema (Academic Studies Press, 2018); the circulation of science fiction across the global East and South (with Sonja Frtitzsche, forthcoming from Oxford Peter Lang), and speculative biotechnologies and economies of care in South Asia and Latin America (with Debra Castillo, under advance contract with SUNY Press). She is also the co-editor, with Jenifer Presto, of special issues on "Geopoetics" in Slavic Review (75.2, Summer 2016) and "World Revolution" in the Slavic and East European Journal (61.3, Fall 2017). Banerjee co-founded the book series Global Studies in Science Fiction at Palgrave Macmillan and is an incoming permanent editor of the journal Science Fiction Film and Television at Liverpool University Press.

Banerjee is the recipient of an Academic Venture Fund grant and a faculty-in-residence fellowship from the Atkinson Center. Her individual and collaborative research across the humanities and the sciences has received support from the NRC, the Mellon Foundation, and the NEH among other sources.


Science Fiction, Environment, Borders, Migration, Media


  • Comparative Literature

Graduate Fields

  • Comparative Literature
  • Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
  • Film and Video Studies


Science, Technology, and Culture; Energy and the Environment; Media Studies; Migration Studies



We Modern People: Science Fiction and the Making of Russian Modernity, Wesleyan University Press, 2013

Winner of the Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies Book Prize from the University of California for “an outstanding scholarly monograph that explores the intersections between popular culture, particularly science fiction, and the discourses and cultures of technoscience.”

Reviewed, among numerous academic and public venues, in Science magazine, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, The Times Higher EducationScience Fiction Studies, Isis, Slavic Review (featured review), Comparative Literature Studies (review essay), History and Literature, Modern Language Review, and numerous other scholarly and public venues in North America, Europe, and Asia

Edited Books

Russian Science Fiction Literature and Cinema: A Critical Reader, Academic Studies Press, 2018

Science Fiction Circuits of the East and South, co-edited with Sonja Fritzsche, forthcoming from Oxford Peter Lang

South of the Future: Speculative Biotechnologies and Care Markets in South Asia and Latin America, co-edited with Debra Castillo, under advance contract with SUNY Press

Edited Journal Issues

Special issue of Slavic Review on “Geopoetics,” co-edited with Jenifer Presto, 75.2 (Summer 2016)

Special issue of Slavic and East European Journal on “World Revolution,” co-edited with Jenifer Presto, 61.3 (Fall 2017)

Special issue of Working Papers in Latin American Studies on “Gender, Violence, and Dislocation in South Asia and the Americas,” co-edited with Debra Castillo, Spring 2011

Edited Book Series 

Founding co-editor, Studies in Global Science Fiction at Palgrave MacMillan

Edited Journal

Co-editor, Science Fiction Film and Television, Liverpool University Press

Selected Recent Articles

"Fiction,“ in Lexicon for the Anthropocene, edited by Cymene Howe and Anand Pandian, forthcoming from Punctum

“A Possible Strangeness: Reading Russian Science Fiction on the Page and the Screen,” introduction to Russian Science Fiction Literature and Cinema: A Critical Reader, Boston, MA: Academic Studies Press, 2018, vii-xix

“Russia’s Afrofuturism: T/Racing Revolution between the Avant-Garde and the Harlem Renaissance,” Slavic and East European Journal 61.3 (Fall 2017), 467-488
[Reprinted as “T/Racing Utopia between Red October and the Black Atlantic,” Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East, Oxford, UK: Peter Lang, forthcoming in 2018]

The Other Transatlantic: Kinetic and Op Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, exhibition catalog of MoMA Warsaw, co-authored with Rachel Haywood Ferreira, 2017 

“Screening Aviation, Mediating Memory: Andrei Kavun’s Kandahar,” in Russian Aviation, Space Flight, and Visual Culture, edited by Helena Goscilo and Vlad Strukov, London and New York: Routledge, 2017, 250-269

“From Fallout Fantasy to Bunker Bildungsroman: Nuclear Imagination after Utopia,” Foundation vol. 45.2, no. 124 (Summer 2016): 70-84

“Toward a Russian Geopoetics, or Some Ways of Opening Russia to the World,” co-authored with Jenifer Presto, Slavic Review vol. 75.2 (Summer 2016): 247-255

 “Unbearable Futures: The Science/ Fiction of Care Markets in the Global South,” co-authored with Debra Castillo, Paradoxa, vol. 27 (December 2015): 159-182

Recent Media Appearances “Here's How to Get the Best of Russian Science Fiction,” November 2015, on Red Star Tales: A Century of Russian Science Fiction “Did the First Science Fiction Magazine appear in Russia?” Interview and book excerpt, January 2013

Radio Free Europe, January 2013. Interview, “We Modern People and the Horizons of Futurity”

Voice of Russia, American edition, January 2013. Interview, “Where did Russian Science Fiction Come From?”